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YH2M8164B single side polishing machine

The product is used for silicon, sapphire, glass, valve, mechanical seals and aluminum alloy, stainless steel appearance parts such as single-sided grinding or polishing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

The equipment can process workpieces including silicon, sapphire, glass, valve, mechanical seals and aluminum alloy, stainless steel appearance parts, such:





Valve plate Piston ring Sealing plate Glass cover plate


Equipment Highlights

The product is used for silicon, sapphire, glass, valve, mechanical seals and aluminum alloy, stainless steel appearance parts such as single-sided grinding or polishing.

Key features:

(1)YH2M8164B single-sided polishing machine for three stations. Put the polished workpiece under the workpiece fixing plate on the grinding disc. The grinding disc is driven by the frequency conversion motor, driven by the worm gear reducer, spindle and tray, and rotates counterclockwise at a speed of 5-90r/min. The workpiece fixing plates on the three stations are driven to rotate by three independent speed regulating motor drive systems, and the speed is 5-90r/min. The workpiece placed under the workpiece fixing plate rotates with the rotation of the workpiece fixing plate, the workpiece and the grinding disc rotate relative to each other, and the lower end face is polished by the polishing effect of the polishing agent on the grinding disc. In addition, the machine tool is equipped with a trimming mechanism. When the wear generated on the disk surface affects normal polishing, the trimming mechanism can be used to trim the disk surface so that the flatness of the grinding disk reaches ± 0.01, ensuring the stability of batch processing of high-precision planes, thus achieving the ideal grinding (polishing) effect. The parts after grinding (polishing) have high precision and high production efficiency.

(2) This machine is equipped with a peristaltic pump to accurately control the flow rate of polishing liquid dripping (the capacity of the drip barrel is about 20L, and each pump head of the peristaltic pump can meet the flow rate of 200 ML/MIN, and the flow rate can be accurately controlled). So as to achieve the ideal polishing effect.

(3) The three main cylinders of this machine are respectively equipped with three sets of safety devices. When the main cylinder rises into place, the three small cylinders respectively push the safety plate to insert into the bushing to prevent accidents such as power failure and gas failure. The main cylinder suddenly falls down and there is a safety accident.

(4) The machine tool applies pressure to the workpieces in the three stations through the pressing plate and the removing code on the pressing plate respectively, and controls the processing pressure according to the weight of the removing code added and subtracted by processing different materials (the maximum weight block is 2DKG/axis);(The height of the working disc from the lower grinding disc after returning is 500mm);

(5) When the machine tool is working, the processing program is edited in the man-machine interface and then downloaded to the PLC. The PLC will run according to the currently downloaded program. Different machining procedures and process parameters can be edited according to different workpieces. This machine can edit 100 programs, each program is divided into 10 segments, each segment corresponds to different process parameters. Improve the efficiency of the use of machine tools, but also reduce the work intensity of workers.

(6) PLC control, flexible and reliable control mode. The touch screen is used as the man-machine interface to display real-time information of alarm and machine tool status; the interface is friendly and the amount of information is large. The control components are all 24V power supply, and the PLC power supply is powered by isolation transformer, which reduces the clutter interference of the external power grid and improves the safety of the machine tool.

Technical parameters

Item/Product Model



Dimensions of base plate (outer diameter X thickness)


Ф 640X25 (aluminum alloy)

Workpiece fixing plate size (outer diameter X height)


Ф 268X25(3 pieces)

Maximum size of workpiece



Highest flatness accuracy of polishing parts



Surface roughness of polishing parts


Ra0. 125um

Diner running straightness



Speed of grinding disc


5 --- 90 rpm/min (stepless speed regulation)

Working ring speed


5 --- 90 rpm/min (stepless speed regulation)

Grinding disc motor


Power 5.5KW, rated speed: 1440 rpm/min

Working ring rotating motor


Power 90W, rated speed: 1440 rpm/min

Repair disc reduction motor


Power 400W, speed ratio 1:32

Accelerating cylinder (bore X stroke)


Ф 63 X600(3 pieces)

Number of processing stations



Exterior dimensions (approx.: length X width X height)


1100 X1400 X2250

Overall weight (approx.)



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