Cultural concept

Brand Interpretation
the meaning of "yu ring:
Yu, the wide world; Ring, wide and gathered.
  Meaning:The vastness of the universe has no boundaries; it is extended to the vast and boundless space and the world, because of the common values and beliefs as a link, a group of people with ideals, aspirations, and pursuits have gathered around them for a common cause. Struggle for goals.
The development of Yuhuan cannot be separated from such a group of people with common values and beliefs. Faith responsibility, faith loyalty, faith dedication, these three points of respect and faith form the core values of Yuhuan people.
Logo definition:


The middle part is two flying geese, a symbol of solidarity and the pursuit of ideals. It embodies the spirit of all employees of Yuhuan to work together and forge ahead, and also expresses the service concept of common development and win-win with customers.
The red circle represents the rising sun, symbolizing the cause of Yuhuan, which is always vigorous and has a never-ending vitality.
The outer elliptical arc represents the earth and the world, symbolizing the career of Yuhuan based on China and radiating the world.

cultural concept

Core Culture:Innovation leads the future
Enterprise positioning:Professional provider of precision grinding and intelligent manufacturing technology solutions
Enterprise Mission: Achievement of advanced manufacturing, revitalization of national industry
Business objectives:Pursue global advanced technology, create precision and high-quality products, train professional employees, realize customer and enterprise value, and strive to make great contributions to society
Enterprise spirit:Responsibility-oriented, innovation-oriented, development-oriented, dedication-oriented
Core Values:Responsibility, Loyalty, Dedication
Management concept:Normative, Detail, Pragmatic, Efficient
Action concept:When it comes to doing it, it is better to solve the problem quickly and evaluate the results.
Talent concept:Give priority to moral character, have both ability and political integrity, make the best use of one's talents.
Safety concept:Security is the bottom line.
Quality concept:Quality is the lifeline of enterprise

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