The Alliance Secretariat participated in the 17th Junior Technical Broker Training Course and passed all the examinations.

In order to enhance the alliance's service ability for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the industry, the alliance plans to carry out the identification and evaluation of new products and technologies in the industrial chain. From December 16 to 18, 2021, five members of the alliance secretariat participated in the 17th primary technical broker training course organized by the provincial scientific and technological achievements and technology market association and all passed the examination. At that time, the alliance and industrial chain units will enjoy the fastest and most favorable technology transformation services, which is conducive to promoting the innovation and development of industry technology.





Mobile phones are light and beautiful, and they can't help it.

CNC machine tools are industrial master machines, machines that produce machines. From daily life products such as mobile phones, watches, and computers to high-precision equipment such as airplanes, rockets, and aircraft carriers, almost everything is inseparable from CNC machine tools. It can be said that there is no industry without machine tools.





Changsha CNC Machine Tool Industry High Quality Development Government Tone Alliance Practice

On the afternoon of October 27, the Changsha CNC machine tool industry development symposium was held. Zheng Jianxin, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor, and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangjiang New District, Hunan, emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of the city's 14th Party Congress and vigorously develop High-end CNC machine tool industry, raise coordinates, target force, and accelerate the creation of an important national advanced manufacturing center. City leaders Qiu Jixing attended.





China's Machine Tool Private Enterprises in Action-Hunan (II) Yuhuan CNC

In the 1990 s, it was the climax of my country's reform and opening up. From civil servants to employees of state-owned enterprises, there was a wave of "going to the sea" created by the times ". In the tide, people show their abilities, some for their personal career, and some aspire to revitalize China. Over the past few decades, the sea of commerce has gone up and down, leaving behind a number of dancers on the cusp of the waves.





Mao Yufeng, vice chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and his party investigated Hunan machine tool enterprises.

From June 10th to 11th, Mao Yufeng, executive vice chairman of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, and his party came to Hunan to investigate the development of the machine tool industry, and focused on in-depth investigation and research of Yuhuan Science Park, Hunan Southern Machine Tool, Xiangtan Ninth Five-Year Precision Machinery, Taijia Co., Ltd. President Xu Shixiong of Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association and Honorary President He Jianguo accompanied the investigation.





Develop the machine tool industry and help the "three high and four new" provincial industry and information department joint association to carry out research on Hunan machine tool industry

On May 10, 2021, the Provincial Industrial and Information Industry Affairs Center jointly conducted research on the machine tool industry. Ni Donghai, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Industry Affairs Center, Mr. Xu Shixiong, President of the Association, Chairman of Changsha Numerical Control Equipment Alliance and Chairman of Yuhuan Numerical Control, He Jianguo, Chief Expert of Provincial Machinery Industry Association, and leaders of relevant offices in Changsha County and Changsha Economic Development Zone went deep into Changsha First School, Jinling Stock Company, Southern Machine Tool and Yuhuan Precision to investigate and understand the development of enterprises. President Liang Yu of Beijing Machine Tool Magazine was invited to conduct an in-depth interview with Hunan Machine Tool.





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