Chairman's Speech


Mr. Xu Shixiong, Chairman of the Company

Vice Chairman of China Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Transformation Technology Association
Honorary President of Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association
Vice President of Hunan Small and Medium Enterprises Association
Chairman of Changsha CNC Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
Vice Chairman of Changsha Robot Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance




Since its establishment, Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has experienced more than ten years of wind and rain, and has gone through a road of struggle and development paved with hard work and sweat. I sincerely thank friends from all walks of life for their strong support and care for our company, and sincerely thank the respectable and lovely Yuhuan employees who are industrious and dedicated to each post!
Yuhuan CNC is a national key equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of precision and efficient CNC grinding equipment and intelligent equipment, and providing customers with comprehensive technical solutions for precision grinding and intelligent manufacturing. The company has Hunan Province CNC Precision Grinder Engineering Technology Research Center; has a high-quality, high-skilled, experienced, cohesive management, R & D, marketing and production team, independent research and development capabilities and comprehensive strength in the industry.
Excellent ideas come from excellent culture. "Responsibility-oriented, innovation-oriented, development-oriented, dedication-proud" is the principle and goal that our company has always pursued. It is the essence of our corporate culture and the spiritual source that guides our company through the years of struggle and bravely creates the future. We take "the achievement of high-quality manufacturing, the revitalization of national industry" as our own responsibility, to "the pursuit of global excellent technology, always maintain excellent products manufacturing" as the cornerstone of the company's industrial development, will, as always, make our efforts to provide excellent products and good services for the market, to achieve customer value. At the same time, through our own continuous development, we will actively assume more and greater social responsibilities and create greater contributions to society!
Sincerely thank customers at home and abroad and friends from all walks of life for the trust and support of Yu Huan! We will continue to forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, learn from the outstanding, win-win in development, and work together with partners to create a better future!


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