Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Address: No.9 Yongyang Road, Liuyang Manufacturing Industry Base (Liuyang High-tech Zone), Changsha City, Hunan Province
(8km from Huanghua Airport)
Zip Code: 410323

400 national customer service hotline:400-8320220 
Telephone:0731-83160688/83201588(Domestic Business Department)
Contact: Miss Zhou/Mr. Wen

Telephone:0731-81868967/83201588(Department of International Trade)
Contact: Miss Li/Mr. Lei

Telephone:0731-83160688/83201588(After Sales Service Department)
Contact: Miss Zhang

Telephone:0731-83209920-8065 (Human Resources)
Fax: 0731-83209920-8009 (Human Resources Department)
Contact: Mr. Peng


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