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YH2M81180 single-side lapping (polishing) machine

Mainly used for large size glass plane polishing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

This equipment is mainly used for flat polishing of large size glass, such:



Glass cover plate

Equipment Highlights

Main purpose:

Mainly used for large size glass plane polishing.

Technical features:

(1) The machine is a single polishing head type polishing machine, and the workpiece is adsorbed on the polishing disc.

(2) The number of revolutions of the upper and lower discs can be controlled by the numerical control program, and the stepless speed change can be realized according to the process requirements to meet the requirements of different polishing processes.

(3) The polishing pressure of the upper polishing head is precisely controlled by the low friction cylinder through the electric proportional valve, and the workpiece on the lower plate is pressurized to ensure the polishing accuracy.

(4) The lower polishing disc is installed on the pallet, and through a reasonable support design, the end face of the workpiece disc is guaranteed to run out and the rigidity during polishing.

(5) The upper polishing disc realizes the flip function through the cylinder, which is convenient for loading and unloading.

(6) The movement of the upper polishing disc adopts the way of linear movement of the servo motor ball screw, the load distribution is reasonable, the movement is stable, and the stability is good.

(7) The combination of man-machine interface and programmable control PLC is adopted, which is convenient and quick to operate.

(8) The touch screen is used as the man-machine interface to display real-time information of alarm and machine tool status; the interface is friendly and the amount of information is large.

(9) The control components are all 24V power supply, and the PLC power supply is powered by an isolation transformer, which reduces the clutter interference of the external power grid and improves the safety of the machine tool.

Technical parameters




Lower grinding and polishing size (outer diameter × thickness)


Φ1800 × 100

Upper grinding and polishing size (outer diameter



Polishing pressure


Backpressure 0~800kg

Lower polishing disc speed


5~68 stepless speed regulation

Rotation speed of upper polishing disc


5~68 stepless speed regulation

Lower polishing disc motor


Power 18.5kw, rated speed 1440rpm

Upper polishing disc motor


Power 3kw, rated speed 1450rpm

Pressurized cylinder (bore × stroke)



Turnover cylinder (bore × stroke)



Exterior dimensions (approx.: length × width × height)



Equipment quality



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