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YHJ2M86108 automatic positioning surface polishing machine

This equipment is intermittent multi-station, multi-process, synchronous and efficient surface polishing equipment. The upper plate adopts two polishing discs with independent lifting and adjusting, which can install different consumables at the same time. The lower plate workpiece disc adopts three stations, and the three stations rotate intermittently, which can realize simultaneous processing of two stations, and the third station is used as the process of picking and placing workpieces, thus realizing uninterrupted working mode, and reserving automatic loading and unloading interface, which is convenient to realize full-automatic assembly line operation. The equipment is mainly used for polishing the fine surface of the back plate of Ipad, the panel of notebook computer, the keyboard board, the surface of powder metallurgy shell, the metal shell of mobile phone, the cover plate and other hard and brittle materials.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts





IPad back plate Laptop Cover powder metallurgy Mobile phone metal cover


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1)3 sets of lower plate configuration independent servo motor drive, independent control, speed regulation and reverse.

(2) Adopt a new vacuum adsorption structure and vacuum control system, which can independently control the vacuum adsorption of each station.

(3) With a pressure sensor, it can monitor the polishing pressure of the product in real time and adjust it in real time.

(4) Each upper tray station can be equipped with different polishing consumables according to different process requirements, and the speed and direction can be controlled separately.

(5) The lower tray station can backwash the vacuum pipeline separately, with high backwashing pressure and fast efficiency, which greatly reduces the amount of water.

(6) with independent workpiece cleaning and air cleaning mechanism, making the finished workpiece cleaner.

(7) The upper plate has the function of mechanical safety lock during shutdown to prevent the hidden danger of upper plate falling during replacement of consumables or maintenance.

(8) Reserved automatic loading and unloading interface to facilitate the realization of fully automatic assembly line operations.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Upper plate

2 Φ 1088 in total

Lower plate (jig plate)

There are 9 Φ 500 in total

Processing size

Diameter ≤ 490mm

Polishing Consumables

Spongy sand, scouring pad, carbon brush and other polishing materials

Rotation speed of upper polishing disc


Rotation speed of lower disc

0-42 rpm 

Lower plate revolution speed

0-14 rpm 

Upper plate main cylinder bore


Upper plate stroke





Upper plate motor

3-phase asynchronous variable frequency speed regulation 4kW1450rpm, 2 in total

Lower plate planetary motor

Servo 2.9kW 1500rpm, 3 in total

Lower plate transposition motor

Servo 4kW 1500rpm

Time setting range


Compressed air/air consumption

0.50-0.8Mpa (air consumption≤ 30L/min)

Equipment voltage

380V 50HZ 

Total power of equipment

Approximately 22.5kW

Overall dimension

about 2800X long width 2900X high 3450 (mm)

Equipment quality

Approximately 7700kg


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