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YH2M4130E Multilateral Polishing Machine

This machine is suitable for ceramic, glass, sapphire and other non-metallic hard brittle materials made of thin parts of the multi-faceted forming and polishing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts




Ceramics Glass Sapphire


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

1. This machine can polish the periphery of the parts, can clamp multiple pieces at a time, and use a precision cylinder to clamp the workpiece. The clamping cylinder is equipped with a precision pressure regulating valve, which can adjust the clamping pressure of the workpiece.

2. The left and right polishing heads are driven by two independent reduction gear motors, planetary reducers and gears to drive the workpiece to rotate. When the workpiece rotates, it can rotate at a constant speed or with variable acceleration and deceleration, so that different areas of the workpiece can obtain different speeds, so that the polishing is more uniform and the polishing effect is better. The periphery of the workpiece is driven by a motor to rotate through screw rods respectively, driven by the servo motor to move around, under the control of PLC, close to the contour of the workpiece automatically follow; left and right two polishing heads at the same time to the workpiece polishing, polishing effect is good.

3. At the same time, the left and right polishing heads are driven by the servo motor to make synchronous up and down linear motion through the screw rod, so that the workpiece is polished evenly without lines and the polishing effect is good.

4, PLC control, flexible and reliable control mode. The touch screen (with I/O points) is used as the man-machine interface to display real-time information of alarm and machine tool status, with friendly interface and large amount of information.

5, the control components are 24V power supply, PLC power supply using isolation transformer power supply, reduce the external power grid clutter interference to improve the stability of the machine tool.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Maximum size of machined workpiece

Diagonal or round diameter of rectangular piece 300mm

Max. thickness of clamping workpiece


Size of polishing head (outer diameter × thickness)

Φ290 × 235mm

Speed of polishing head


Rotating speed of workpiece


Lifting speed of polishing head


Polishing head motor power


Workpiece rotating motor power


Polishing head lifting motor power


Polishing head moving motor power


Number of polishing heads


Overall dimension (length×width×height)

1800 × 1250 × 2150mm

Weight of whole machine


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