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YHJ2M81190A high precision single side polishing machine

This machine tool is used for fine grinding and polishing of large-size planes in the optical, electronic and mechanical industries, such as high-precision and high-efficiency single-sided polishing of hard and brittle materials such as rubber plate edges and corners, optical flat crystals, liquid crystal display chips, IC light-shielding films, crystal, filter glass, sapphire glass, Shi Ying crystal, silicon chips, ceramics and other components, as well as precision measuring components such as block gauges in the mechanical industry, as STN-LCD, CSTN-LCD liquid crystal display.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

liquid crystal display

large size glass


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

1. The rotation of the lower polishing disc is driven by a variable frequency motor. The motor is installed on the base plate of the equipment bed, decelerated by the reduction box, and transmitted from the reduction box spindle to the lower disc spindle through the coupling. The mechanical rigidity of this part is high, the coupling can absorb part of the vibration, and the vibration will not occur during polishing, which is beneficial to improve the polishing quality of the product.

2. Using PLC and touch screen control, the process parameters under different pressure conditions can be preset in the touch screen.

3. The drive motor adopts advanced and reliable frequency converter to realize stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, and the upper and lower disks can realize controllable speed regulation according to the processing technology requirements.

4. The lower plate is arranged with a real air path. The workpiece can be fixed by adding vacuum to the adsorption pad. After the workpiece is processed, the workpiece can be pressed through the positive pressure to break the vacuum and blow back the workpiece to facilitate the disassembly of the workpiece.

5. The lifting and tilting of the upper plate is controlled by cylinder, which is controlled by solenoid valve and electronically controlled proportional valve. The cylinder action is stable and reliable, and the polishing pressure is accurately controlled.

6. The imported brand electric control proportional valve is adopted to accurately control the down pressure of the grinding disc through the fine adjustment setting of the air pressure size. With PLC automatic control, the initial pressure and grinding pressure of multiple stages can be accurately set.

7, the processing process adopts PLC automatic control: can control time, pressure, speed.

8, automatic control of the grinding liquid circulation system, so that the grinding liquid repeatedly reflux mixing barrel, reduce the cost of consumables.

9, equipment structure and system are self-developed, can achieve the effect of customization according to customer needs.

10. The man-machine operating system is convenient for personnel to control and set, and the setting function can be added according to customer needs.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters







Overall dimensions of the machine (length × width × height)

Approximately 3600 × 2850

× 2950mm

Size of lower polishing disc

φ1900mm, flatness tolerance ± 0.01mm

Stirring motor


polishing liquid pump


Equipment weight

Approximately 11000kg

Size of upper polishing disc

φ1300mm, flatness tolerance ± 0.01mm

Wipe module motor


Power supply voltage

3-phase 380V50HZ

Lower polishing disc motor


3 phase 380V

installed capacity

About 30KVA

Machinable parts max


On the type: round workpiece (or diagonal) ≤ 1250mm

Next type: round workpiece (or diagonal) ≤ 1850mm

Air supply voltage


X-axis servo motor


3 phase 380V

Working pressure


pure water pressure


Polishing time setting



Rotation speed of the lower polishing disc


Volume of polishing liquid barrel



Optional manipulator parameters


Yuhuan Industrial Robot


joint type



Number of axes


Body quality


arm length


Protection level

IP54/4,5,6 axis IP67

Repeated positioning accuracy


Range of motion

Maximum joint speed

J1 axis rotation


J2 Arm Front and Rear

-77~ 203°

J1 axis rotation


J2 Arm Front and Rear


J3 arm upper and lower

-77~ 203°

J4 Wrist Rotation


J3 arm upper and lower


J4 Wrist Rotation


J3 Wrist Up and Down


J6 Wrist Torsion


J3 Wrist Up and Down


J6 Wrist Torsion



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