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YH2M8432F vertical double-sided polishing machine

This machine is mainly used for silicon, germanium, quartz crystal and other semiconductor materials and optical glass, ceramics and other non-metallic hard brittle materials made of thin parts of the double-sided grinding and polishing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts





silicon wafer quartz stone glass optical glass Ceramics


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

1. The pallet, lower disc and hollow shaft of this machine are carried by bearings and fixed sleeves with high rigidity and high precision, which can ensure extremely high pallet end jump. The fixed sleeve and hollow shaft adopt internal and external hole grinding process.

2 Ring gear lifting form: the new research and development of the outer ring gear lifting mechanism, lifting accuracy is higher, consistency is good, lifting no jam phenomenon occurs, the star wheel movement accuracy is higher, the replacement of polishing pad is more convenient.

3 Star wheel meshing form: The newly designed pin meshing, when the inner ring gear or sun gear tooth profile is worn, a single pin can be quickly removed and replaced, without replacing the entire inner ring gear or sun gear, low cost and more convenient maintenance.

4 In order to realize the automatic loading and unloading function of the subsequent industrial robot, the sun gear component and the lower disk drive component of the machine are controlled by servo motor, and the conical positioning pin of the outer ring gear is accurately positioned with the up and down movement of the cylinder in the outer ring gear positioning device, as well as the secondary accurate positioning after rotation, and finally the industrial robot is equipped with the star wheel and the workpiece to run without failure.

5 The liquid supply device ① of this machine adopts independent liquid supply pump and stirring pump to ensure that the grinding liquid is fully suspended and does not precipitate. The liquid supply pipe fittings are all made of stainless steel. The pipe is made of steel wire hose, which is not easy to bend. The liquid flow tank adopts head structure design. Up to 40 liquid discharge pipes are connected to the liquid discharge holes of the upper disc to ensure uniform liquid discharge and large flow of the grinding liquid; ② The liquid supply device (polishing liquid storage barrel) has cooling function. Users can choose to connect cooling water (nozzle specification inner diameter: Φ12) according to their needs. The cooling water temperature is ≤ 15 ℃ and the pressure is 2Kg/cm2.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Size of polishing disc


Upper grinding disc speed


Lower grinding disc speed


Sun wheel speed


Upper plate lifting stroke


Lifting stroke of ring gear


Maximum processing pressure


End face runout tolerance of lower plate


Tolerance of ring gear radial runout


Tolerance of end face runout of ring gear


Sun gear radial runout tolerance


Sun gear end face runout tolerance



Three-phase five-wire AC380V

Total power of equipment


Host size (length × width × height)

About 1800 × 1500 × 2900mm

Weight of whole machine

About 3500Kg

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