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YHJMKG2880 High precision CNC vertical universal grinding machine

The target market of this machine tool is the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, machinery processing industry, high-precision processing industry and other products with high precision and surface quality requirements, which can realize one-time clamping processing of the inner and outer contours, inner holes, outer circles, end faces, etc. of discs, rings and sets. The machining accuracy grade is IT3 ~ IT2 grade; the surface quality is controlled at Ra≤ 0.2; the shape and position error is controlled at ≤ 0.002.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

Bearing seat wind power gear triangular rotor


Processing mode

inner hole grinding plane grinding Special-shaped surface grinding
cone grinding automatic measurement Automatic sand repair


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

1. X-axis, C- axis, Z-axis and B- axis can realize two-axis to four-axis linkage, and can realize the processing of inner and outer contours, conical surfaces, end surfaces, etc. of workpieces.

2. Equipped with 3 synchronous built-in motorized spindles (SP1, SP2, SP3), the station can be converted, the grinding head covers a wide range of rotation speed and rigidity, and effectively improves the processing efficiency and manufacturability.

3. The B- axis can realize high-precision and arbitrary angle positioning with repeated positioning accuracy of 2.5 ", and can realize arbitrary cone surface processing, thus avoiding the deficiency of linkage interpolation processing cone surface and reducing grinding wheel loss.

4. The X-axis and C- axis are hydrostatic methods, which can effectively solve the unstable transmission of traditional guide rails and the phenomenon of low-speed crawling caused by friction while ensuring high precision and high rigidity (the friction coefficient of hydrostatic guide rails is only about 0.005, and that of linear guide rails is generally 0.15).

5. The X-axis adopts direct drive motor without reverse clearance, which can completely solve the problems such as over-quadrant protrusion.

6. SP1, SP2 and SP3 are equipped with online dynamic balancing and AE devices to effectively solve the grinding vibration and abnormal collision caused by unbalanced grinding wheel, and improve the grinding surface quality and the safety of machine tools.

7. The B- axis is equipped with a clamping system, and the rated locking torque is as high as 2900N.m to ensure the rigidity of the grinding wheel when grinding at a fixed angle.

8. On-line automatic measurement function, which can realize automatic on-line measurement and automatic tool alignment; the probe calibration device is close to the detection position, and the measurement accuracy is high.

9. Equipped with diamond roller dressing and diamond pen dressing, two sand dressing methods can realize grinding wheel plane and surface dressing.

10. Human-computer interaction software with 3D simulation and full-function CNC program package, including functions such as end face grinding, inner circle (inner contour) grinding, outer circle (outer contour) grinding, grinding wheel modification, online measurement and calibration.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Table size

Ф800 mm

Maximum swing diameter


Minimum grinding inner diameter

Ф28 mm

Max. grinding height

650 mm

Maximum load of workbench

1500 Kg

Table speed (stepless)

0.01-100 rpm

Maximum spindle speed and interface (internal and external grinding head)


HSK63-C(18000rpm optional accessory)

Maximum spindle speed and interface (surface grinding head)


Grinding wheel diameter (inner and outer grinding head)


Grinding wheel diameter (surface grinding head)


Spindle power (inner and outer cylindrical grinding head)


Spindle power (surface grinding head)


Spindle runout

Radial and end face ≤ 0.001




Table runout

Radial and end face ≤ 0.001

X-axis (lateral movement)

1700 mm

Z-axis (vertical movement)

1340 mm

B- axis (rotation of grinding wheel carrier)


X-axis moving speed (continuously variable speed)

0.010~10 m/min

Z-axis moving speed (continuously variable speed)

0.010~8 m/min

X and Z axis positioning accuracy and

Repeated positioning accuracy



C- axis positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy

3 ″, 1.5 ″

B- axis positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy

5 ″, 2.5 ″

The grinding head moves in the X-axis direction.

Parallelism of rotating table surface

≤ 0.006mm/500mm

The grinding head moves along the Z-axis direction.

Verticality of rotary table surface

≤ 0.003mm/500mm


High Precision CNC Vertical Universal Grinding Machine Series

Sr. Model Workstation diameter(mm) Max. rotation diameter(mm) Max. workpiece height (mm) Max. workpiece weight(kg)
1 YHJMKG2835 ф350 ф3500 400 800
2 YHJMKG2860 ф3600 ф3750 500 1000
3 YHJMKG2880 ф3800 ф31000 650 1500
4 YHJMKG28100 ф31000 ф31200 650 2000
5 YHJMKG28125 ф31250 ф31500 650 3000
6 YHJMKG28160 ф31600 ф31850 850 5000
7 YHJMKG28200 ф32000 ф32300 1050 5000

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