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YHDM580C CNC vertical Double Disc grinding machine

YHDM580C high-precision CNC vertical double-end grinding machine is a high-precision, high-efficiency high-grade CNC machine tool that applies the planetary principle to the simultaneous grinding of double-end surfaces of workpieces. The double-end grinding of large-size parts is doubled compared with other ordinary surface grinding machines, and the machining accuracy is improved by one level. The machine tool has good vibration resistance and dynamic stiffness, and the stiffness of the grinding wheel spindle bearing reaches 100kg/μm. The machine tool adopts a fully enclosed shape, safe and reliable, beautiful and generous, no environmental pollution; the machine tool adopts computer automatic control, manual only need to load and load. The stiffness of machine tool bed and spindle adopts computer simulation and virtual design technology to maximize the stiffness and vibration resistance of the bed.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts



Valve plate Clutch plate


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) The bed adopts box structure, upper and lower boxes, the thickness of the wall plate is 25mm-30mm, the rib plate is reasonably arranged, has good vibration absorption, and can eliminate the slight vibration generated by the grinding head and the feeding part.

(2) The feeding part adopts an open hinge structure to facilitate the loading and unloading of the grinding wheel and the maintenance of the grinding area;

(3) Two oil motors are used to drive the rotation of the three stations of the feeding plate and the rotation of the workpiece during grinding. The three stations are respectively feeding, grinding and blanking. The running speed can be realized by adjusting the flow rate of the oil motor.

(4) The feeding mechanism can be adjusted simply to adapt to the grinding of workpieces of different sizes.

(5) The dressing mechanism is equipped with a grinding wheel dressing device, which adopts a diamond pen for double-sided dressing.

(6) The grinding wheel installation structure adopts sand tile or flat concave flat grinding wheel installation structure to ensure that the linear speed difference during workpiece grinding is small, and the butterfly parts with steps can be processed

(7) The motor shall be a famous brand manufacturer, and the main motor of the grinding wheel shall be a variable frequency motor. The electrical wiring is neat and beautiful. The strong and weak current cables are routed separately and shielded to prevent interference and affect the normal operation of the computer. Each electrical standard is obvious, which is convenient for fault investigation.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters




Maximum diameter of workpiece



Minimum thickness of machined workpiece



Grinding wheel size


150 × 70.5 × 15

Grinding head motor


22Kw × 2

Grinding head speed



Feed tray drive


Oil motor drive, stepless speed regulation

Workpiece flatness


≤ 0.05



≤ 0.02

surface roughness


≤ Ra1.6

Whole machine quality



Machine tool dimensions (length x width x height


2755 × 2980 × 2560

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