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Full-automatic packing and palletizing packaging production line

This production line is suitable for the automatic packaging process of products, with automatic conveying, coding, scanning code, unpacking, sealing, palletizing and other functions, especially suitable for the end process in the process of food and medicine processing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Equipment Highlights

Main features

(1) the use of simple and reliable right-angle truss manipulator;

(2) The new packaging box online printing code, three-phase identification, labeling integrated system;

(3) Using the latest visual scanning code technology to identify and supervise products;

(4) Set the opening and fixing mechanism of the packaging box cover, and the automatic box-in mechanism of the manual and certificate of approval;

(5) The gantry type three-axis right-angle truss manipulator is used for palletizing;

(6) with tray storage area and tray automatic conveying, automatic positioning, positioning system.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Serial Number




Adapt to specifications

A variety of packaging materials



40 boxes/hour


Overall dimension


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