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This product is suitable for medicine, food and goods vertical transportation and other fields, including C- type and Z-type two kinds of hoist. The C- type hoist can realize the continuous circulation of goods in the vertical direction, and the goods are input and output from the same side. The Z-type hoist can also realize the continuous circulation of goods in the vertical direction. The spot material is input from one side of the hoist and output from the other side of the hoist in the same movement direction.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Equipment Highlights

Main features

Fast conveying speed, light weight, compact structure, stable and reliable operation and long life.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Conveyor type

Horizontal conveyor

Vertical conveyor

Specifications and models

Belt/chain/roller table

Type C/Type Z

Conveying speed

1-15 (stepless speed regulation)

1-15 (stepless speed regulation)

Control mode



Driving mode

Servo/common motor

Servo/common motor

Conveying form


Continuous lift

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