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YH2M22B-8 high-precision double-sided lapping and polishing machine with automatic loading and unloading

Applicable occasions: high precision double-sided grinding and polishing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

silicon nitride ceramic Gallium Nitride Ceramics zirconia ceramic


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights
(1)4 independent motor drive: can realize the upper and lower grinding disc and the inner and outer ring gear separate control.

(2) drive motor full servo closed-loop control: can achieve precise positioning and start and stop, smooth operation, acceleration and deceleration flexible and controllable.

(3) Unique hydrostatic bearing support technology: to ensure extremely high end runout of the lower plate and achieve high product requirements.

(4) The upper disc is equipped with a real-time online measurement system: it can detect the thickness of the ground product in real time.

(5) upper plate steel wire suspension balance structure: can realize the upper plate adaptive floating with damping function.

(6) With automatic expansion function: with the robot can realize automatic loading and unloading, help enterprises to build intelligent workshop.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Maximum size of machined workpiece


Minimum thickness of machined workpiece


Size of upper and lower polishing discs (outer diameter×inner diameter×thickness)

1465mm × 764mm × 60mm

Maximum processing pressure

788 kg

Upper disc speed


Lower disc speed


Sun wheel speed


Outer gear ring speed


Number of Star Wheels


Overall dimension (including automatic robot hand) L×W×H

3200mm × 3300mm × 3300mm

Weight of whole machine

About 10t

Automatic manipulator positioning accuracy


Loop and unload cycle time


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