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YH2M8432E Vertical Double Side Lapping Polishing Machine

This machine is suitable for multi-sided forming and polishing of thin sheet parts made of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as glass and sapphire.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


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Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

·This machine can polish the periphery of sheet parts and can clamp multiple pieces at one time.

·The left and right polishing heads polish the workpiece at the same time, and the polishing head is driven by the servo motor through the screw rod to make interpolation movement relative to the workpiece. The polishing compression is stable and the polishing efficiency is high.

·The left and right polishing heads are simultaneously driven by the screw lifter to move up and down synchronously through the linear guide rail, so that the glass is polished evenly without lines and the polishing effect is good.

·Using PLC control, the control mode is flexible and reliable; the touch screen is used as the human-machine interface to display real-time information of alarm and machine tool status, and the interface is friendly and informative.

·The control components are all 24V power supply, and the PLC power supply is powered by isolation transformer, which reduces the clutter interference of the external power grid and improves the stability of the machine tool.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Item/Model Unit YH2M4130E
Polishing head size (outer diameter × height) mm ф290*235
Maximum size of workpiece mm 300 (diagonal length, eye side length ≥ 60)
Max. clamping workpiece thickness mm 180
Speed of polishing head rpm 50-1500
Rotating speed of workpiece rpm 0.5-3
Lifting speed of polishing head mm/min 5-350
polishing head motor kw 3
Workpiece rotating motor kw 1.5
Lifting motor of polishing head kw 0.4
Polishing head moving motor kw 0.4
Number of polishing heads piece 2
Weight of whole machine kg 2500
Overall dimensions of machine tool (length×width×height) mm 1800 × 1250 × 2150

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