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YHJMKG5230 CNC fixed beam gantry guide rail grinder

Large margin grinding and high precision grinding of medium and large plane and guide surface in industrial mother machine, machine tool manufacturing, industrial measuring tools, transportation, aerospace, military and other fields.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

industrial mother machine machine tool manufacturing Industrial measuring tools


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

Double columns and stepped beams form a high-rigidity gantry frame structure. The bed adopts a flat and a V-shaped hydrostatic guide rail. The worktable is controlled by two single-acting oil cylinders to move longitudinally along the bed guide rail. An independent hydraulic station is adopted. Stepless speed regulation, low friction and low noise, and smooth movement. A set of horizontal grinding heads and vertical universal grinding heads are equipped. The grinding heads move horizontally and vertically by servo motors to drive screw screws, and vertically by grating ruler positioning, to achieve horizontal pitch grinding, intermittent feed, micro feed, stepless speed regulation and other functions.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Maximum grinding workpiece size (length * width * height)


Max. grinding workpiece weight


Longitudinal (X-axis) effective stroke of the table


Vertical (Z, Z1 axis) moving distance of grinding head


Gantry Spacing


Horizontal grinding head grinding wheel spindle speed

1500 rpm

Horizontal grinding head spindle motor power

22 Kw

Grinding wheel spindle speed (stepless speed regulation)

800-2500 rpm

Vertical universal grinding head spindle motor power

16 Kw

Rotary angle of vertical universal grinding head

± 90 °, minimum dividing value: 1 °

Table longitudinal movement (X-axis) speed

5-25 m/min

Grinding head vertical feed (Z, Z1 axis) rapid feed speed

4 m/min

Grinding head vertical feed (Z1 axis) continuous feed speed

0-2500 mm/min

Minimum feed of grinding head vertical feed (Z, Z1 axis)


Rapid feed speed of grinding head transverse feed (Y, Y1 axis)

8 m/min

Minimum feed of grinding head transverse feed (Y, Y1 axis)


Straightness and flatness of machined workpiece

0.005/1000 mm,0.01/1000×1000 mm

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