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YHJMKG73100 high precision CNC horizontal axis rotary table grinding machine

The target market of the machine tool is the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, machinery processing industry, military industry and other products with high precision and surface quality requirements.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

Valve plate, saw blade, milling cutter

Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) The worktable is carried by hydrostatic bearings, which have high precision, rigidity and low friction;

(2) The grinding head spindle adopts the built-in electric spindle, which has tight structure, high precision and small vibration, and can be configured with BALANCE online dynamic balance (optional);

(3) The X axis is carried by static pressure guide rail and static pressure slider. The static pressure guide rail has the advantages of small friction, low loss, high rigidity and high precision retention;

(4) the work surface through a simple operation to achieve ± 3 ° angle tilt, can be an excellent solution in the convex concave taper shape parts grinding.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Table size


Maximum swing diameter


Max. grinding height

350 mm

Tilt angle of worktable


Working table speed

0.1-80rpm (infinite)

Maximum spindle speed

4500 rpm

Maximum load of table (closed static pressure)


Grinding wheel diameter

φ350-φ 450mm

Rotary accuracy of worktable (end face, radial direction)

≤ 0.002mm

Grinding head spindle accuracy (axial, radial)

≤ 0.002mm

Z-axis travel


X-axis travel


Spindle motor power


Floor space of machine tool (L×W×H)

5200 × 4200 × 3350mm

Machine weight

About 20000kg (including auxiliary machine)

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