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YHDM580B/1 High Precision CNC Vertical Double Face Grinding Machine

The machine tool adopts grinding thinning process to solve the technical problem of mobile phone touch panel glass thinning. The machine tool has a high degree of intelligence and can realize automatic on-line measurement of workpiece thickness and automatic loading and unloading. It can automatically complete all links of the workpiece from wool to the thinning process and automatically transport it to the next process, thus significantly improving the processing efficiency and processing quality. The machine can be hard, brittle, thin non-metallic parts (glass, ceramic, sapphire, etc.) of the double end surface for high-efficiency precision grinding, can also be precision grinding metal thin precision parts (bearings, valves, carbide blades, seals, oil pump blades, piston rings, etc.) of the upper and lower two parallel planes.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts






Glass cover plate Sapphire Valve plate Sealing plate Piston ring


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) Based on the new technology of high efficiency and precision thinning of hard, brittle and thin non-metallic parts, the grinding machine developed by the system is compatible with the function of YHDM580B double-end grinding machine.

(2) Using Siemens 808D CNC system, the man-machine interface is more optimized.

(3) The Marpos on-line detection technology is used to realize the on-line precision control of the size of the workpiece to be ground.

(4) Diamond grinding wheel/CBN grinding wheel/diamond grinding pad can be used to achieve high efficiency and high quality grinding.

(5) High-efficiency dressing device and process suitable for diamond grinding wheel/CBN grinding wheel/diamond grinding pad.

(6) The disc feeding mechanism is driven by a servo motor, the transmission is stable, and the 1~10 r/min stepless speed regulation is realized;

(7) supporting the use of thin brittle parts of the automatic loading and unloading device, can build an automated production line.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Project Product Model



Processing workpiece size range


Disc parts: Ф 12 ~ Ф 120
Plate parts: diagonal 10~160

Machined workpiece thickness



Grinding wheel size


Ф 585 × Ф 50 × 70 (diamond/CBN grinding wheel)

Grinding head motor power


22Kw × 2

Grinding head speed



Feed tray motor power



Feeding tray speed



Flatness and parallelism of workpiece


≤ 0.003

surface roughness


≤ Ra0.32

Whole machine quality



Overall dimensions of machine tool (length×width×height)


2700 × 2620 × 2650

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