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YHMCNC8336-16 full CNC high-speed camshaft grinding machine

This machine is the domestic advanced for grinding cam profile of high-grade CNC machine tools. It can process different types of camshafts and is an ideal processing equipment for multi-species and mass production of high-precision camshafts. Product Overview Specifications Parameters Machinable Workpiece Similar Models


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

The equipment can be processed out of different types of camshafts, is a variety of large-scale production of high-precision camshaft ideal processing equipment:

Camshaft Camshaft Industrial measuring tools


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) the German Siemens (SIEMENS)840D CNC system.

(2) Using static and dynamic pressure bearing dynamic balance high-speed electric spindle, equipped with CBN grinding wheel, to achieve 80-120 m/s high-speed grinding of the camshaft.

(3) High-precision and high-rigidity direct-drive closed rectangular hydrostatic guide rail is adopted to eliminate the phenomenon of low-speed crawling.

(4) The workpiece rotation axis adopts the acceleration and deceleration control method (software copyright: 2010SR004346) to improve the grinding accuracy.

(5) The grinding wheel spindle adopts built-in online dynamic balance.

(6) The diamond roller is used to dress the CBN grinding wheel online, which improves the machining accuracy and machining efficiency of the machine tool.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Maximum length of machined parts

1600 mm

Machined parts maximum diameter


Maximum weight of machined parts


Maximum lift of machined parts

20 mm

CBN Grinding wheel diameter CBN

500 mm

Grinding wheel linear speed (constant speed

120/80 m/s

Maximum rotation speed of workpiece


Dimension error of base circle diameter


Base circle relative to adjacent main journal runout


Cam phase angle deviation

± 10 ′

Full lift error


Cam lift adjacent maximum error


Surface roughness of machined cam


Bed dimensions

4600 mm ×2600 mm ×1900 mm

Total mass of machine tool

15000 kg

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