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YH2M8419 high precision vertical double side grinding machine

The machine is used for metal parts such as valve plates, valve plates, friction plates, rigid sealing rings, cylinder piston rings, oil pump blades, etc., as well as silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, glass, ceramics, sapphire, carbon arsenide, ferrite, Lithium niobate and other non-metallic hard and brittle materials.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

The equipment can process workpieces including valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid sealing ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blade, silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, glass, ceramic, sapphire, carbon arsenide, ferrite, lithium niobate, etc., such:







Valve plate

Piston ring

Glass cover plate

Sealing plate

sapphire wafer

Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) This machine belongs to the grinding machine of the motion principle of 4 planetary gear trains.

(2) The weight of the pallet of this machine falls into the bottom plate through the hollow shaft, the fixed sleeve, the pair of tapered bearings and the three supporting feet, which can ensure the extremely high pallet end jump. In addition, this machine is also equipped with a correction wheel to repair the flatness error of the upper and lower grinding discs.

(3) The sprocket is driven by the reducer, and the driven sprocket drives the three screw rods, so that the ring gear moves up and down smoothly, with a high degree of automation.

(4) The machine is equipped with a pressure detection mechanism for pressurized grinding of the workpiece, which automatically detects the current pressure of the workpiece. It is also equipped with a matching electric proportional valve for automatic pressure adjustment.

(5) This machine is equipped with a safety self-locking cylinder. When the upper grinding disc rises to the upper limit point, the insert plate extends to prevent the upper grinding disc from falling and ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.

(6) PLC control, flexible and reliable control mode.

(7) The touch screen is used as the man-machine interface to display real-time information of alarm and machine tool status; the interface is friendly and the amount of information is large.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters




Size of upper grinding disc (outer diameter×inner diameter×thickness)


φ640 × φ235 × φ35

Size of lower grinding disc (outer diameter×inner diameter×thickness)


φ640 × φ235 × φ35



Outer diameter φ315mm, number of teeth 108,DP = 12

Minimum size of workpiece



Maximum size of workpiece



Accuracy of machined parts


Workpiece flatness and parallelism within 0.003mm,(φ65)

Lower grinding disc speed



Exterior dimensions (approx.: length * width * height)



Equipment quality



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