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YH2M8590 CNC multi-station sanding (polishing) machine

Suitable for processing metal, plastic, carbon fiber plate and other materials of various small precision molds, electronic digital products, glasses, mobile phone frame, watches and other precision parts of 3D surface profiling polishing, can achieve five-axis linkage 3D profiling grinding and polishing.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

1. Intelligent programming platform, can realize five axis linkage 3D profiling.

2. Full servo drive, high speed and high precision control, precision grinding and polishing.

3. Multi-station synchronization, grinding head or polishing wheel automatic switching, reduce the polishing process

4. Grinding head or polishing wheel automatic feed, memory, storage, dynamic tracking.

5. The pressure sensor senses the grinding or polishing pressure of the workpiece separately, and compensates the cutter independently on the V axis according to the data of the pressure sensor.

6. Replacement of different grinding head or polishing wheel, can be set to remove the workpiece surface cutter, polishing, fine polishing, mirror polishing in one.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Project Project YH2M8590
X axis stroke 360mm
Y axis stroke 450mm
Z axis stroke 350mm
XYZ重复定位精度 XYZ repeated positioning accuracy  0.008mm
A- axis stroke A- axis -1°~ 361°
C- axis stroke C- axis -30°~ 390°
The distance between each rotary table 240mm
装夹面大小(5个)Size of worktable clamping surface  58X110mm
X-axis table size 475X1300mm
Speed 2400pm
Fast speed X Y Z Fast speed 150X150X165 mm/s
Axis bidirectional positioning for bidirectional positioning accuracy ±0.025mm
电源 Power source  380V-15KVA
Barometric Pressure source 4-6kgs/cm 2
Machine height 2550mm
Length x Width L * W 2250x2650mm
Weight of machine tools 3.75t
Min size 45 × 60mm
Maximum size: diagonal size does not exceed 195mm, long side does not exceed 165mm
Maximum dimension: diagonal dimension not exceeding 195mm, long side not exceeding 165mm
Lower inclination radian angle: <18 ° Downward inclined radian angle: <18 °
It can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece to adapt to the production of similar products.
The program can be adjusted according to the workpiece size to adapt to the production of similar products

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