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YHDM7745CNC/CBN High Precision CNC Vertical Double Face Grinding Machine

YHM7745CNC/CBN high-precision CNC vertical double-end grinding machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency high-end CNC machine tool used in double-end grinding at the same time. It is mainly used in double-end grinding of steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic parts.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts






Gear ring metal logo Metal housing Metal housing quartz wafer


Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) The German Siemens numerical control system is adopted, and various dimensional errors in the grinding process can be automatically compensated through the Siemens numerical control system to ensure the dimensional consistency in the grinding process.

(2)CBN grinding wheel dressing mechanism includes grinding wheel dressing and trimming device, which has good dressing effect. Mechanical anti-collision and ultrasonic sensor (AE sensor) are added to the dressing mechanism to eliminate empty travel and prevent collision.

(3) The upper box part adopts a four-column structure, which can arbitrarily adjust the angle required by the grinding head to grind the workpiece in different levels, so as to ensure the working condition requirements of the machining accuracy of the workpiece, so that the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece in the grinding process can achieve a more ideal effect.

(4) The main shaft belt pulley and the main shaft spline adopt the unloading structure, which eliminates the vibration of the motor, and isolates various alternating loads such as the pulling force of the belt from being transmitted to the main shaft, thus ensuring the high precision of the main shaft rotation.

(5) The servo motor and servo special reducer system are used to drive the feeding disc to rotate, which strengthens the stability and reliability of the feeding in the grinding process of the workpiece, and can realize the partition grinding of the workpiece grinding area, and the workpiece can be completed in a cycle Rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding processing; and can be programmed by the system to automatically adjust the speed according to different grinding states of the workpiece.

(6) The feeding inlet and outlet are equipped with high-precision special pressing devices. This structure makes the whole machine evenly stressed under thermal deformation, ensuring the parallelism and stability of the inlet and outlet of the workpiece during the grinding process. The pressing part is equipped with an automatic alarm shutdown device. If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the processing of the workpiece, the relevant parts will automatically stop immediately, which improves the safety performance in the grinding process and makes the whole machine run more safely and reliably.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters




Machining workpiece diameter



Machined workpiece thickness



Workpiece flatness parallelism


≤ 0.002

surface roughness


≤ Ra0.32

Grinding wheel size


φ457 ×φ 76 × 65

Whole machine quality



Grinding head motor


30Kw × 2

Overall dimensions of machine tool (length×width×height)


3200 × 2700 × 2800

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