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YHMKQ8312-5 CNC Camshaft Grinder

It is suitable for the grinding of engine camshafts and oil pump camshafts of motorcycles, general gasoline engines, light diesel engines, small displacement automobiles, etc. Product Overview Specifications Parameters Machinable Workpiece Similar Models


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts




Camshaft Camshaft Camshaft

Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) The machine tool numerical control system adopts Siemens (SIEMENS)802S numerical control system, and the table movement (Z axis), grinding wheel frame feed (X axis), and grinding wheel dressing feed (Y axis) all realize digital control.

(2) The machine tool has multiple functions such as automatic cycle grinding, automatic shifting of the guide wheel, automatic dressing of the grinding wheel, and automatic size compensation.

(3) The grinding wheel spindle adopts hydrostatic bearings, and the spindle has high rotation accuracy and good accuracy retention performance.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Item/Product Model


Maximum length of workpiece

500 mm

Maximum rotation diameter of workpiece

100 mm

Maximum weight of workpiece


linear speed of grinding wheel

60/30  m/s

Grinding wheel specifications


Maximum lift of grindable cam

16 mm

cam lift error

≤ 0.05mm

cam surface roughness

Ra≤ 0.5μm

Bed dimensions

2950 mm ×1600 mm ×1700 mm

Total mass of machine tool

4200 kg

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