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Plane parts finishing intelligent manufacturing production line

This product is suitable for automatic processing and production of sheet metal handicrafts, realizing fully automated loading and unloading, processing, testing, surface treatment and packaging. At the same time, the types of handicrafts processed by this product can be customized according to requirements.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Equipment Highlights

Main features

(1) Multi-joint robot-automatic loading and unloading for laser cutting machines

(2) Laser cutting machine-for cutting the shape of the workpiece

(3) engraving machine-for the engraving of the pattern and text of the workpiece

(4) Double-end grinding machine-double-sided grinding of workpieces

(5) Right-angle robot-automatic loading and unloading for fine engraving machines and double-end grinders

(6) sandblasting machine-for surface treatment of workpieces

(7)SCARA-for automatic loading and unloading of sandblasting machine

(8) continuous through type cleaning blow dryer-used for workpiece cleaning and drying

(9)CCD vision system-for the detection and positioning of the workpiece

(10) Packing and palletizing equipment-for packing and palletizing of workpieces

(11)SCARA-automatic grabbing for packing and palletizing

(12) Conveyor-for conveying workpieces

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Product Type

Sheet Metal Crafts

Production cycle


Shape types of processable crafts

11 species

Engravable pattern

17 species

Applicable Products

Shape 30mm ~ 100mm, thickness ≦ 2.5mm stainless steel sheet crafts.

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