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Full servo coordinate joint hybrid manipulator

This product is composed of a Cartesian coordinate manipulator and a high-precision end space rotating hand shaft. It is suitable for arc welding, spot welding, assembly, handling, painting, inspection, palletizing, grinding and polishing, laser processing and other fields.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Equipment Highlights

Main features

(1)AC servo motor drive

(2) The fuselage is made of high-quality structural steel, with low-noise rails, high-speed, smooth and stable

(3)4-axis right angle system and 4-axis rotary system posture claw, cost-effective

(4) Repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm, linkage 4 axes or more

(5) The hand claw adopts special gear transmission, compact structure and self-locking function

(6) It can be applied to automatic loading and unloading, automatic assembly, etc. in various manufacturing fields.

(7) can be applied to small welding, adhesion and other automation demand industry

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Project Name


X-axis travel/speed

MAX50M (single shaft maximum stroke 5M) /MAX120M/min

Y-axis travel/speed

Can be designed according to customer needs/MAX120M/min

Z-axis travel/speed

Can be designed according to customer needs/MAX90M/min

A- axis travel/speed

±92°/ MAX400°/S

C- axis travel/speed

±360°/ MAX400°/S

removable weight

5.0 kgX2 (quotient for other weights)

Repeated positioning accuracy of the whole machine


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