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YH2M81190 high precision plane polishing machine

This machine tool is used for fine grinding and polishing of large-size planes in optical, electronic and mechanical industries, such as rubber disc prism, optical flat crystal, liquid crystal display chip, IC light shielding film, crystal, filter glass, sapphire glass, Shi Ying crystal, silicon chip, ceramic and other components, as well as precision measuring components such as block gauge in mechanical industry, and STN-L high-precision and high-efficiency single-side polishing of hard and brittle materials such as CD, CSTN-LCD liquid crystal display and thin plate glass substrate.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

liquid crystal display

Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

● The machine tool has upper and lower throwing discs. The diameter of the upper disc is 1300mm, and the diameter of the lower disc is 1900mm. The upper disc can be turned over at 90 degrees. The lower disc is a power disc driven by a frequency conversion motor to drive the reducer to rotate. The upper disc is driven by the lower disc to rotate. The upper and lower discs can be used as installation workpieces or polishing discs. The size of machinable workpieces is ≤ 1850.

● The upper plate can be horizontally moved to form a reciprocating motion to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the workpiece processing. The horizontal movement stroke of the upper plate is 1100mm.

● The machine tool is controlled by PLC and touch screen. The process parameters under different pressure conditions can be preset in the touch screen. The lower disk motor is driven by variable frequency motor to realize stepless variable frequency speed regulation.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters




Lower polishing disc size (customizable)


φ1900, flatness tolerance ± 0.01

Rotation speed of the lower polishing disc



Upper polishing disc size (customizable)


φ1400, flatness tolerance ± 0.01

Wobble amplitude of upper polishing disc



Maximum size of upper plate processing parts


① Circular workpiece ≦ 1900 (bottom-up type);

② Square workpiece 1345x 1345 (bottom-up type);

③ Rectangular workpieces can be used to manufacture large-size workpieces (bottom-up type)

Volume of polishing liquid barrel (customizable)



Stirring motor



polishing liquid pump



Lower polishing disc motor


22kW1450rpm3 phase 380V

Upper polishing disc motor


2.2kW1450rpm2 phase 220V

Swing servo motor


3.0kW2000rpm3 phase 380V

installed capacity


Approximately 25

Overall dimensions of the machine (LxWxH)


About 4000x3000x2400

Machine weight


Approximately 10,000

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