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YHJ2MK8512 five-axis CNC multi-station sanding (polishing) machine

For plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, zirconium alloy, ceramics, glass and various composite materials for grinding, polishing, wire drawing, 3D mirror grinding, etc. The grinder has an automatic replacement of consumables system, which can meet the needs of automatic replacement of consumables applications.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions


Typical Machining Parts

Typical Machining Parts

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Equipment Highlights

Equipment Highlights

(1) The machine tool has an automatic up and down consumables system. The consumables library is arranged separately from the processing area. The consumables library is located at the rear of the equipment during processing. When replacing consumables, it is transmitted to the processing area by a transmission device. Workpiece processing and supplementary recycling of consumables can be carried out at the same time, with high efficiency and labor saving.

(2) The machine is a five-axis CNC polishing machine tool with 17 servo axes (X, Y1, Y2, Z, A, S, W, C1-C5, V1-V5).

(3) Workbench components five stations, a simultaneous processing of five of the same workpiece. Vacuum adsorption or cylinder fixture fixed workpiece positioning accurate, reliable, high processing efficiency.

(4) The workpiece shaft adopts pressure compensation and is driven by an independent servo motor, which can realize real-time force control of each workpiece in the polishing process, ensure that the pressure of the polishing disc and the workpiece is consistent during the processing, and ensure the contour accuracy of the workpiece processing.

(5) Five stations can be used as three stations. When used as five stations, products with diagonal less than 245mm can be processed. When used as three stations, products with diagonal less than 495mm can be processed.

(6) The polishing head moves sandpaper (or other consumables) to pressurize and polish the surface of the product. There are 4 groups of polishing heads in the circumferential direction of axis A. One-time polishing and forming of rough polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing are realized through automatic program switching. Consumables in the size range of φ38-φ100mm can be used at the same time, and consumables libraries in other sizes can also be customized.

(7) The polishing head is driven by a servo motor, the speed is accurately controllable, the constant torque output, the spindle box adopts precision gear transmission, the modular design is easy to install and maintain, the oil is immersed in lubrication, and the key parts have a long life.

(8) Multi-motion trajectory polishing technology, the polishing head has planetary motion, uniform polishing, good consistency and high yield.

(9) The whole machine adopts CNC control system. The system controls the whole machine to perform automatic grinding. It can carry out automatic control, monitoring, counting and alarm. Different graphic G codes can be imported according to different products. The precision motor can be driven by G codes. The five-axis linkage motion profiling, high-precision interpolation and high-speed response can be carried out according to the product outline.

(10) The man-machine visual operation interface is adopted to display the alarm and machine tool status in real time, with friendly interface and large amount of information.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters







Air pressure



X-axis travel



Y-axis travel



Z-axis travel



A- axis stroke


-30~ 360

C- axis stroke


-720~ 720

Total installed power of machine tool



Device dimensions (length x width x height)



Total weight of equipment



Workpiece speed



Number of servo linkage axes



Speed of polishing head



Diameter of polishing head



Number of polishing head groups


4 groups x5

Center distance of workpiece shaft


Five stations: 250; Three stations: 500

Product processing range


Position 5: diagonal length ≤ 248; position 3: diagonal length ≤ 498

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