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YHJART325 high precision air bearing turntable


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

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Equipment Highlights

Main features

● High precision

Due to the error equalization effect of the air-floating turntable, it can achieve the accuracy that the traditional mechanical turntable cannot achieve.

● Low friction

Since there is no direct contact between the bearing and the turntable shaft, the friction is small, and the response to the motor is more timely

● Cleaning

The air floating turntable uses gas lubrication, without considering the leakage of lubricating fluid and other issues, and is clean and clean during use.

● High stiffness

In this bearing, the design axial stiffness of 1200N/μm, radial stiffness of 260N/μm

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Project Parameters
Standard Edition Upgraded version
Table size


Maximum load 2000N
Rated speed 100RPM
Rated torque


Radial stiffness 260N/Чm
axial stiffness 1200N/Чm
Allowable maximum partial load (at 2000N full load) 60Nm
Allowable maximum partial load (no load) 45Nm
Supply pressure 0.5±0.05Mpa
axial runout error 1Чm 0.2Чm
radial runout error 1.5Чm 0.5Чm
Precise positioning 10rad s 3rad s

Repeated positioning accuracy

4rad s 1.5rad s

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