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YHJART high precision air bearing rotary table

The product has the characteristics of large load, high radial and axial stiffness, good angular stiffness, and low height; at the same time, due to its dust isolation design, it is more suitable for the production and processing environment. It is an excellent choice for various industries such as high-precision measurement, optical measurement assembly processing, chip semiconductor measurement processing, and full physical simulation equipment.


Precision grinding, intelligent manufacturing technology, integrated solutions

Typical Machining Parts

Equipment Highlights

Main features

1. High precision: gas lubrication, ultra-high rotary precision.

2. High response: low friction coefficient, high response speed.

3, no pollution: no mineral oil pollution.

4. Long life: no contact, no wear, long service life.

5. Personalized customization: patented technology of high-precision air floating turntable supports personalized customization.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters



Standard Edition

Upgraded version

Table size


Maximum load


Rated speed


Rated torque


radial stiffness


axial stiffness


Allowable maximum partial load (at 2000N full load)


Allowable maximum partial load (no load)


Supply pressure

0.5±0.05 Mpa

axial runout error

1 μm

0.2 μm

radial runout error

1.5 μm

0.5 μm

Positioning accuracy

10 wheel s

3 wheel s

Repeated positioning accuracy

4 wheel s

1.5 wheel s

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